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X-Oven Charcoal Cuisine


X-OVEN takes up little space, allows saving time, reduces consumption and increases productivity in the kitchen.

Maximum efficiency

X-OVEN’s productivity is significantly higher compared to all other grill cooking systems, with a much higher speed of service and energy efficiency than any other cooking system employing solid, liquid or electric combustible. Choosing X-OVEN means purchasing something that pays for itself.

Minimum consumption

X-OVEN’s removable grill drawers have been designed to avoid any heat dispersion; the porcelain chamber is shut at all times and allows slow ember combustion while preventing the flame to develop. This innovation reduces consumption to 1/5 compared to traditional grills and to one half compared to other charcoal ovens. Energy savings are also due to the efficient brazier lifting system integrated in the cart that serves to make the best use of every last calorie. In addition, the use of X-OVEN’s selected charcoal enhances the oven’s potential to quickly reach high temperatures and maintain them over time.

More surface area for grilling

Differently from ordinary charcoal ovens, X-OVEN develops vertically and is equipped with three grills on three different levels. This entails a larger overall surface area to grill on and more dishes cooking at the same time.

Cooking in less time

All cooking operations with X-OVEN are faster. The removable grills are convenient to monitor and adjust the cooking process. High, flames temperatures ensure excellent and rapid preparations.

Compact design, reduced space

Compact, functional, designed to occupy reduced spaces and ensure high performances, X-OVEN fits easily into any kind of professional kitchen.


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