M & E Installation

We have a team of specialist in Mechanical Ventilation, Gas Works and Fire suppression system to complete our service provision to you.

Installation & equipment servicing

Our equipment like human need to be proper maintained to achieve optimum performance and durability. Though our equipment are manufactured for commercial usage, proper servicing and maintenance are still needed from time to time. Kitchenbox offer full after sales servicing and repair services with our experience and friendly in house team.

Stainless steel fabrication

Whether you need a work table or a complete kitchen design, our team of experts will recommend the appropriate products to provide you with an ergonomic solution specific to your needs. Our custom fabrication product is thoroughly inspected through the process to ensure its quality and durability. We stand by our products 100%.

If you require any stainless steel work or products, we specialise in both standard products and bespoke stainless steel engineering and we are confident that no matter what you require, we will be able to offer you a fantastic service at very competitive prices.