Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supplier Singapore


The F&B industry in Singapore is an ever growing business. No matter the economy goes up or down, food is still a necessity. Singapore commonly known as “Food Paradise” a multiracial society with people from different cultures living together in harmony. A wide range of cuisine is available here to satiate the appetites of people from different cultures and races. Western and eastern cuisine all have different requirement. Kitchenbox is set up to offer the chefs and operation managers a one stop solution to all their operation needs. Be it restaurant chain, hotel, food courts or central kitchen we are able to customise to your every need.

Now there is one destination for your commercial kitchen and grocery store equipment. Complementing our full line of food equipment—from refrigerators, oven, toasters to stainless steel products—Kitchenbox Pte Ltd brings you premier refrigeration systems with Colbies & Polariz and top on the line bakery equipment from Unox Italy. With a committed team of manufacturer factory-trained technicians, we aim to provide our product users with the best after sales service.